Introducing Publisher Presentations

Publisher Presentations is a unique way for publishers and sales agents to engage in marketing and sales. As with so many great ideas, the operational principle is a simple one: convey information speedily, clearly and in a compelling way.

Publisher Presentations allows you to

  • Reach your clients and customers all over the globe
  • Make multimedia presentations with a few mouse-clicks and a series of targeted phone conversations
  • Save on expensive travel and lodging costs
  • Avoid complex schedule maneuvers
  • Work in a professional and controlled environment

You will like the services of Publisher Presentations because of

  • Professional production
  • Compelling presentations with a call to action
  • Metadata easily able to be updated or reformulated
  • Public domain software ensures seamless presentation
  • Budget-optimized
  • Use of static or multimedia or a combination: choose the model that best suits you!
  • Downloadable and reusable summary notes for each client after the presentation
  • Compatible with social media networking; leverage the power of natural networks
  • Follow-up strategies and mechanisms


  • Efficient and unique model
  • Affordable charges

Professionals to serve you…

Jim_and_Sue_gray_background_72Under the leadership of Jim and Sue Holmes, Publisher Presentations, along with Great Publishing and its sister operation, Great Writing, are gaining effectiveness and achieving a concentrated area of service.

Jim and Sue have a background in education (both qualified as school teachers) as well as having operated a book import and distribution business in Southern Africa.

After serving in the publishing sector in the UK in editorial, production, and marketing and sales capacities, they relocated to the USA, where they now serve the cause of Christian publishing, marketing, distribution and sales.

Publisher Presentations works closely with Great Writing.